Pn Loges

We started using distilled water for drinking and cooking in 2005. My five year-old daughter who had been having asthma for 3 years hardly fellsick after that. I made sure she brought drinks from home to school and she was able to enjoy iced drinks.

Then when my distiller broke down in 2010 , my daughter started having coughs, fever and asthma again until I get to know about the Asd distiller and Dr Siva. Thanks to him we are able to use distilled water again and
God willing , lead a healthier life.

  Dr. Hari

I did not know that our filtered water is so dirty. Thank you Dr Siva as my whole family and I are drinking pure clean water now. After drinking distilled water for a few weeks, we could taste the contaminants in the filtered water. The terrible taste with filtered water that you would not notice as you are so used to it. Believe me there is a big difference.
  Mr. Chan

Even after my water has gone through a 5-foot point of entry filter and through another 6 stage energized water purification system, there are still contaminants in the water. It is scary to know that both of my purification systems are hopeless even though they cost me a few thousand ringgit. Thanks to the Asd distiller, our drinking water is now truly free from all chemicals.
  Miss Megala
Taman Medan

Our tap water is always muddy even after using a very sophisticated filtration system. I am so grateful that the Asd Distiller solves that problem. It is so wonderful that your container fits inside the semi automatic distiller so that is very so easy to carry around. Thank you very much for introducing me to the Asd Distiller.
  Edwin Eng aged 10
Subang Garden

I love the taste of distilled water. The others taste terrible.

Batu Caves

I have been drinking distilled water for the past 4 years. This is the best water to drink. Taste good and refreshing
 Mr: Mahendran

I purchased a Asd distiller  in year 2007. My two children, age 4 and 6, always used to get ill at least once a month. Also, my daughter had a fairly bad bout of asthma. After switching to a cleaner water supply, her asthma cleared right up. I recommend any family with young children to seriously think about changing their drinking habit by switching to distilled water as a healthier alternative. We can always get our essential minerals from our normal food intake.
  David Chan

I normally lose a lot of hairs when I wipe it with my towel. My condition improved during the first month I started drinking distilled water. Nowadays my hair lost is minimal.
Subang Permai

I had migraine for many years. 80% of my migraine dissappeared in the first month I started drinking distilled water. By the third month the migraine was almost gone.

I have been drinking distilled water for about 2 1/2 years now. It is the only way to clean your body of all the pollutions and harmful materials during your daily intake of food. Listed below is the benefits I and my family members have experienced :-

I feel more energetic than before, usually I will feel tired in the afternoon especially after lunch hour.
Less tooth plague being formed in the mounth.
Seldom fall sick within a year period, it used to be 3 to 4 times a year.
My body get less heaty, can withstand heat and thirst better.
Eyes vision get better
Skin gets smoother, more youthful look
Thanks a lot to PURE distilled water, the only substance not polluted by mankind's industrial progress.